Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Serene Promotions: A State Of Grace

Serene Promotions: A State Of Grace

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A State Of Grace

Finding Your Inner Voice and Authentic Path:
The Process of Creating a Vision

Grace was in all her steps,
Heaven in her eyes.
In every gesture,
Dignity and love.


I found this quote in a Calgary, Alberta curio shop I was exploring with my partner/husband, Jhon, in early 2008. He was in the midst of "a dark night of the soul" that lasted more than a year and saw us horribly fractured (but never totally broken).

The Milton quote touched something deep inside me and I borrowed a pen from the shop owner to write it on the inside flap of a cigarette pack (which I still have, after much traipsing around the country). I think I was trying to be Jhon's "saving grace", and you know how that goes -- one can only change oneself and should not even pretend to know what is right and good for someone else, even when your motive is love.