Monday, May 9, 2011


It Divides Itself, Multiplies and Yet Returns Equal
With the Potential To Increase

By Serena Aubrey (Copyright, 2011)

Elle was at her post on this Monday morning, happily sitting on the cushioned lounger, poolside, just out the back door of the front office of the Palm Springs, Calla Lily Inn. She could hear the buzzer if an arriving guest came in from the street to check in and she could converse with the guests that were slowly emerging from rooms, stretching in the warm southern California sun, to claim their own spot beside the pool. Elle’s sister, Leslie, owns the inn, and whenever she takes off on one of her world-wide jaunts Elle comes in to fill in for her. It is a mutually satisfying arrangement. Elle is quite aware that one of the main functions of her post is to hobnob with the guests and to ensure that all their needs are satisfied. With her delightful and pleasing personality she finds this no great effort, and the guests come away feeling that Elle is one of the most accommodating inn hostesses in all of southern California. They rave about her to Leslie, and Leslie in turn, rewards Elle handsomely for her dedicated customer service. Of course, Leslie would reward Elle handsomely anyway, because she’s family, but it is very pleasing to her that Elle takes to heart the importance of her expectations.