Monday, January 25, 2010

The Aurora Borealis, taken by Jan Curtis (March, 1996) in Alaska.
Some of her work is posted on Michigan Tech - Geological & Mining Engineering & Science website on the Aurora Page. Clicking the picture will take you there.

Awesome Auras

About 15 years ago I went through what I now call my “Metaphysical Stage”. I studied and researched all manner of beliefs, spent hours in metaphysical shops, read all sorts of relevant books - “The Celestine Prophecies” being at the top of the list - bought Viking Runes, played with Tarot Cards. I looked into everything, was intrigued with most of it, but held a fairly healthy dose of skepticism.

I had a friend, Louise, who was my partner in my search for the truth of all these beliefs. She was a dedicated Rune Reader. We spent hours in deep discussions of the pros and cons of each different system. We shared books, we travelled country roads at night to search the stars and observe meteorite showers and we attended more than one psychic fair to consult with readers.

At one such fair we came across an aura photographer. “Let’s try this.” she coaxed me.
I had to laugh! For $30 (back then) I had a firm grip on my skepticism that day.
“You go ahead,” I told her, “I’ll see how yours turns out.”