Monday, January 25, 2010

The Aurora Borealis, taken by Jan Curtis (March, 1996) in Alaska.
Some of her work is posted on Michigan Tech - Geological & Mining Engineering & Science website on the Aurora Page. Clicking the picture will take you there.

Awesome Auras

About 15 years ago I went through what I now call my “Metaphysical Stage”. I studied and researched all manner of beliefs, spent hours in metaphysical shops, read all sorts of relevant books - “The Celestine Prophecies” being at the top of the list - bought Viking Runes, played with Tarot Cards. I looked into everything, was intrigued with most of it, but held a fairly healthy dose of skepticism.

I had a friend, Louise, who was my partner in my search for the truth of all these beliefs. She was a dedicated Rune Reader. We spent hours in deep discussions of the pros and cons of each different system. We shared books, we travelled country roads at night to search the stars and observe meteorite showers and we attended more than one psychic fair to consult with readers.

At one such fair we came across an aura photographer. “Let’s try this.” she coaxed me.
I had to laugh! For $30 (back then) I had a firm grip on my skepticism that day.
“You go ahead,” I told her, “I’ll see how yours turns out.”

The resulting photograph produced an aura that could be construed to match her personality. I was not totally impressed, but the skeptic meter went down a bit. On our return to work we told the other folks in our office about our psychic fair adventures and it stirred up some excitement. They all wanted to give it a try! Our boss lady suggested we give the aura photographer a call to see if she would come to the office. So the arrangements were made.

On the appointed day the photographer showed up and every single person laid their money down to get their picture and reading. All except me. My co-workers poked and prodded at me to give it a try. To no avail. Finally, I said, “Okay, lookey here, I got Bear with me,” (my dog, whom I had always thought to be my angel dog - because he never left my side and was very protective - like a guardian angel), “if she will take a picture of Bear, and be able to tell me the nature of my dog, then I will have mine done.”

So up he went to pose and out came his picture. WHOA! No dog in the picture, just an immense white and blue aura surrounding the spot where the dog should have shown up! Ummm! A true reading of what I had always considered my dog to be - my guardian angel? I felt an electrifying bolt of energy shoot through me when I saw the picture. I was almost totally convinced!

My turn next then. My picture came out with an aura surrounding me, which was a fairly good read of my personality - but there was also a misty image over my right shoulder - a face. The photographer asked me if it was an image of some one I knew in the past or the present. Nope. “Then perhaps,” she predicted, “some one you have yet to meet.”

Fast forward a few months and I am in Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory, opening a branch office for my company. The very first night there I met a man who sent a sizzling current through me the minute our eyes met across the room. A few days later, this man and I were having a drink and something to eat at The Gold Rush Inn, a local establishment. There was a gathering of a seniors group in the same pub. A couple came in and one of the gentleman in the group stood up to introduce the newcomers to the rest of the folks, “Everyone - I’d like you to meet Serena and her husband John.”
I damn near choked on my prawns! My name is Serena and my friends name was John. What are the odds of two couples, being in the same place - in Whitehorse no less - having the same names - and uncommon names (my uncommon name anyway), at that? A spooky omen? The phrase from the retirement commercial - there go we at 65 - ran through my head!!!!!!

It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when Louise and I were looking at those aura pictures again that we realized that the misty image over my shoulder had an amazing resemblance to the Yukon man, who to this day, 15 years later, is still my man.

Accurate reading you think? Or just a silly misrepresentation of some mistiness conjured up by trick photography? I wish I still had those pictures. For me, it was pretty potent proof that there might be some mystic magic in the art of aura photography. And also in the chance occurrence of that fluke of the older couple being in the same place at the same time.

To see a picture of the Gold Pan Saloon where the chance occurrence occurred, click on the link below and it will take you to the Gold Rush Inn, who bill themselves as the best hotel under the northern lights. John and I were sitting at the table next to the window, and the other John and Serena were sitting, with their group at the tables directly to the right of ours. Two John and Serena's, that close together by chance -- that is synchronicity in action! I tell you people it really is so!

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