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This page is under construction, but will feature the weekly issues of the Serene Promotions (TM) publication


The multi-purposes of the Way-Finder Weekly are:

1) To create an enterprise which will provide me with a steady income, in the form of a monthly salary (keep reading, it's not all about me);

2) To create a means for steering other seekers towards the amazing knowledge my "daily digging" around unearths -- the age-old philosophies that are repeatedly presented to mankind, in many, many different forms, but who all deliver the same divine truths (don't let this put you off, keep reading);

3) To generate profit which will be utilized to assist single-parent, "second-chance" re-entry students who have taken the leap in faith in order to improve their realities through positive choices, commitment, and success intentions. The opportunity to become part of  AN ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE, and THE MOVEMENT of GIVING is integral to the vision I wish to promote with this publication and these struggling single-parents are my chosen concern. I admire these young people who are achieving, despite the immense struggle they face with full course loads, home-work assignments, parental responsibilities, part-time jobs, household upkeep, and usually, a total lack of funds. Assistance, in a form  that does not jeopardize the finances they already have in place (weekly gift-certificates for our local grocery-store partner) will ensure that they can more fully concentrate on the task at hand:

                                     Advancement Through Education

4) And to encourage other struggling individuals, with an entrepreneurial mind-set (especially women), of my generation (the Boomer Dreamers). Many of us took all our luxuries for granted, lived life with a sense of entitlement, and are now finding that our nether years may be lived out with a lack of funds. YIKES! Retirement fund? What retirement fund? Many of us face an austere, bleak fixed income that may or may not be available, and will certainly not provide for a comfortable "final years" existence. For many women my age, there may be another fifteen (or so) good years left in which to generate enough income to last us for the fifteen (or so) years that follow that (dependent of course on good health prevailing). We either get down and create ourselves that Golden Years Cushion, or we will suffer the dire, pop-can  collecting consequences. Hmmmmm! An ugly picture is it not? Time to get it together, because if you don't do it for yourself, there's no one gonna do it for you!

So those are the vision and mission statements for the WAY-FINDER WEEKLY. It is meant to be a message of Light. An encouraging publication that promotes individual and global awakening to the very basic truths in life. We can mire ourselves in negativity, or we can choose to hear and respond to the more positive vibrations that ripple around us like waves of Good News! There is no, one message of Light, better than the other, but rather there are many Brothers and Sisters of Brightness that will respond to the personal intentions of a being who wants to evolve into a higher consciousness, in a manner that hurts no other being. If you truly emit good intentions, powerful goodness will come back at you and your pure, positive thoughts will reap a crop of abundancy. I hope the eventual success of this publication proves this and acts as an encouragement to others to get out there and give 'er!

AND BY THE WAY: Although the WAY-FINDER WEEKLY launch will happen in Vancouver, once this publication is established and the Single-Parent Re-Entry Student Support Fund is operational and proven to be successful in assisting our target "group in need", SERENE PROMOTIONS (TM) will be offering FRANCHISES FREE OF CHARGE! So, if you are a like-minded individual interested in:
  • establishing your OWN enterprise that will provide a steady monthly salary
  • AND would like to be instrumental in setting up a similar helping program in your own community
  • THEN join the SERENE PROMOTIONS site as a MEMBER.
In so doing you may be setting the stage for your own success which will allow you to become self-employed AND a notable contributor to the lives of single parents in your OWN community who struggle to improve their existence. It is a WIN-WIN proposition. As a franchisee you will receive a complete package with a full set of step-by-step instructions that will allow you to set up your own publication. AGAIN, these FRANCHISES will be FREE OF CHARGE. If it works in Vancouver it will work in ANY community in North America!

Sincerely in the Spirit of PEACE,

Serena Aubrey
Founder of Serene Promotions (TM) -- Promoters of the New PEACE Paradigm -- Copyright 2011

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