Monday, May 30, 2011

The Beauty of Human Movement (As In Travel) and Creativity

By Serena Aubrey (Copyright, 2011)

This morning my daily digging around unearthed some photos and videos that blow me away. I began today's internet searching on Facebook, where I clicked on my friend, Tracy Fischer's, travel phlogs. She updated her Wall with a comment about her current travels to Greece. It led me to check out her previous photo albums from her trip last year to Jordan, where she was involved in an archealogical dig in the Wadi Faynan. While there the archeaological group took the opportunity to visit the ancient ruins of Petra. I met Tracy in my Creative Writing: Fiction class, at North Island College  (instructor, Steve Schoenhoff).

Tracy is a beautiful young lady with an intense desire to see and experience the world up-close and personal. She works at a local bar in Cumberland, BC on Vancouver Island, just outside of Courtney, BC. Her daily grind, serving alcohol, belies her vast inner life and desires. I greatly admire her enthusiasm for life and her dedication to travel and the exploration of this amazing planet. I cheat these days. I used to travel extensively, but I see the world now through the lenses of other people's cameras and the pictures they so graciously post on their internet pages so I too may explore, albeit from my desk. Here are some of Tracy's pics from Jordan

downloaded from Tracey's album titled:


 (click on the images to see them in a larger format)

 Tracy in the Petra ruins

The Pillar of Tracy

Tracy on the Rocks

 An Amazing Feat - Built Right Into the Side of the Mountain

Awesome Ancient Architecture

Tracey's Archeological Group Dwarfed by the Height and Width of This Massive Stone Structure

Tracy's online album made me curious about Petra, so I went on to find out more about this ancient site through a Google search and I ended up on Wikipedia where to my great pleasure I found some videos that I want to share with my readers. They show, in a most awesome way, the creativity of the human mind. Using the resource at hand - SAND - these artists have developed talents that creatively honour their land, their beliefs, their being. The apparent ease with which they create these awesome masterpieces can in no way tell the tale of the many, many hours they must have practised to perfect the style and skill they draw forth from their souls. I am sure you will agree:

If you want to see more of these wonderful demonstrations of art expressed in the sand medium there are countless other videos posted on YouTube. ENJOY!

Photo Credits:
Resist The Donkey Album by Tracy Fischer, Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved

Video Credits:
 No. 1, Copyright Sept, 12, 2008 - All Rights Reserved
Sand Bottle Demonstration, Petra, Jordan by daddyliu/YouTube

No. 2, Copyright Jan. 15, 2009 - All Rights Reserved
Sand Art by World Renown Sand Artist David Alcala by sandartist1/YouTube
(Music copyright from Musicshakedotcom - associated with YouTube)

No. 3, Copyright Aug. 26, 2007 - All Rights Reserved
Sand Art Worship Painting by bigjr7769/YouTube
Featuring the art and skill of Mauricio Palacio
(Music copyright info not available)