Wednesday, January 11, 2012

E-Mail to Moira Brown of 100 HUNTLEY STREET -- Crossroads Mission

Hi there Moira!

My name is Serena Aubrey and I created a Facebook group called WAY-FINDERS of CANADA. We are a group of almost 200 (and growing) like-minded individuals who post and comment on positivity and good works as we seek and quest to FIND our WAY towards spiritual evolution. The WAY-FINDER mission is to encourge people to be their best, do their best and encourage the best in others.

I am also developing an enterprise called, SERENE PROMOTIONS (TM), with the intention of publishing a print product that will support Single-Parent Second-Chance Students in Vancouver, BC (and potentially further afield) who choose to commit to re-entering formal education institutions in order to improve their reality and that of their children. The intention is to use 100% of the profit to provide grocery certificates, from grocery store partners, in order that qualifying students may be better able to concentrate on the task at hand, rather than worry about where the next meal is going to come from.

SERENE PROMOTIONS (TM) has developed a concept called
The New PEACE Paradigm ~~ an acronym for Positive Thought, Education, Advancement, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship
Copyright, 2011 Serene Promotions (TM)

Through the Way-Finders group I came into contact with Sandra Baite of Kepac Children's Home in Uganda. She cares for 30 orphans in a home donated by an eldery village woman who helps care for the children. Sandra claims that her home is registered as a legit charity in Uganda. This is not something I can verify though. I have told her on numerous occassions that I can not help her financially, and I can not in good conscious solicit funds from my contacts because of my inability to verify the veracity of her claim to be running this home as fact.

She has maintained contact with me though and I do believe that she is doing what she claims to be doing.

After Christmas she informed me that she cares for one little boy who suffers from a heart condition. He was hospitalized at the start of the New Year. He has since returned home and is over his medical emergency, but he requires on-going specialized care, which of course will require funds. Again, I am not in a position to verify any of this. However, neither can I ignore the need of a child. Sandra has told me that she will scan and email me documentation from the doctors at the Uganda Heart Institute in Mulago Hospital verifying the boy's condition.

As a member of the 100 HUNTLEY STREET audience I am aware that the CROSSROADS MISSION has a program called "UGANDA: Tapping into HOPE" operating in-country.....and this means that there are qualified people working in-country. Would it be possible to have someone from this program take the time to verify Sandra's predicament? It's a long-shot I know ~~ but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right?

If, in fact, this scenario is an actuality I would like to suggest that Sandra's little boy be introduced to the Prayer Centre. Perhaps someone would be willing to become his benefactor one-on-one. It is after all, caring people who make this world a better place and a place where The New Peace Paradigm moves from concept to program.

I will CC this missive directly to the MISSIONS department and will also post it as a note on the WAY-FINDER of CANADA group page. Hopefully other people will become aware of this boy's medical plight and some one, some where, in a position to help will do so.

Thank you for your time Moira, and thank you for your wonderful work on 100 HUNTLEY STREET. I very much enjoy your hosting every week-day morning. Some links follow:  the WAY-FINDERs of CANADA group page the SERENE PROMOTIONS (TM) enterprise page the SERENE PROMOTIONS (TM) blog and the story of the SEVEN SACRED STONES my direct email address

Kind regards Moira,

Serena Aubrey