Wednesday, April 13, 2011


By Serena Aubrey (Copyright, 2011 -- All Rights Reserved)

In JESUS, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership (1995), Laurie Beth Jones wrote:

Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the greatest leaders of our time, personally supported a number of students financially. I once read an article that said a young man remembered getting checks for $75 per month, made [out] and signed by Eleanor Roosevelt on her personal account. He said he received those checks for years, even after she ceased to be the First Lady. It would have been much easier for her to refer him to some giant scholarship committee, maybe even write him a nice recommendation letter. However, she was personally committed to education and supporting students she felt were worthy. She supported more than twenty-five students out of her own personal funds.

On December 9, 2010 the Wall Street Journal podcast, digits, interviewed Jason Franklin, adjunct professor of philanthropy at NYU. Franklin is also the Executive Director of BOLDER GIVING, an organization whose call to action is: GIVE MORE. RISK MORE. INSPIRE MORE. Their mission is to inspire and support people to give at their full, lifetime potential (