Friday, November 18, 2011

Thoughtless Versus Thoughtful

Unfocused emotion is like a drive-by shooting;
Intent is sprayed haphazardly outwards in random action.

This creates words that harm and hurt,
Words that cause pain, humiliation, heartbreak, sadness, illness, hardship and agony.

Do not allow thoughtless words to escape an unguarded mouth;
Words that will maim another's spirit.
Instead, take the time to create thoughtful words that leave your mouth gracefully;
Words that will build up the collective spirit,
Both of other's and of your own.

Let the WILL of Our Creator,
Which lives within you
Exist in your beat, your breath, your blood, your bones -- in your entire being
Be ever aware that the WILL is alive within
It only requires your conscious say-so to awaken fully