Thursday, May 12, 2011

Without Change, Things Just Don't Move Forward!

By Serena Aubrey (Copyright, 2011 - All Rights Reserved)

Yes indeed! Change is a requirement for forward motion, in all things. My friend and I were discussing this blog yesterday. The blog design, the blog intent, the blog's purpose -- ya know, the blog.

She was hesitant to say what was on her mind, but she plunged ahead and spewed it out. LOL! Oh how I love my friend. She would not hurt me for the world, but neither will she let me continue on in a direction she does not think is OPTIMAL! So we were discussing blog traffic, which this blog has very little of (FOLLOW-er traffic that is) , and what I could possibly do to increase the number of FOLLOW-ers. She had quite a few suggestions for me, all of which I took to heart and gave great consideration to. So now, once again the blog has a new look and feel! Hmmmm, yes, it is a PROCESS, this blogging.

The most insightful comment she made was that I need to open the blog up for reader participation and input. That turned on the inner bulb! So now there is a WRITER'S PAGE where readers are welcome to submit stories they write. There is also a POST NOTICE option that will send an email to your inbox when something new is posted. And there is a QUOTE OF THE DAY link that I send to Facebook everyday.

The WRITER'S PAGE is not yet 100% operational. I still need to find the AUTO-RUN submit code which will allow me to integrate the story submittal form. But I shall have that over the next couple of days. However, in the mean time you can already go to the page and see how it is divee'd up into different forms of writing. I have posted some of my own stories under each heading as examples (well not quite all the headings yet, I still need to post a poem and a bright).

I am also giving more thought to the PEACE PARADIGM. I have decided that I want to become PASSIONATE about PEACE! So you will all hear alot more about this in my future posts. I think this is going to become a big part of the Serene Promotions (TM) brand. Branding is sooooo important in today's marketing strategies. You need a visible, tangible concept that says who you are, what you stand for, and why you stand for it. And you need to know how you are going to express the concept into people's consciousness, You need a plan. The PEACE PARADIGM does that quite nicely for me. It hearkens back to my long lost youth, when I was the typical little "hippie chick" running around all socially conscious in my home-made skirts and dresses that I sewed myself out of East Indian cotton bedspreads, in the appropriate hippie chick styles. Oh yes, the days of Peace, Love, Rock 'n Roll come back full circle! LOL! But that's what life really is isn't it? A circle. Yup!
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