Friday, November 18, 2011

Thoughtless Versus Thoughtful

Unfocused emotion is like a drive-by shooting;
Intent is sprayed haphazardly outwards in random action.

This creates words that harm and hurt,
Words that cause pain, humiliation, heartbreak, sadness, illness, hardship and agony.

Do not allow thoughtless words to escape an unguarded mouth;
Words that will maim another's spirit.
Instead, take the time to create thoughtful words that leave your mouth gracefully;
Words that will build up the collective spirit,
Both of other's and of your own.

Let the WILL of Our Creator,
Which lives within you
Exist in your beat, your breath, your blood, your bones -- in your entire being
Be ever aware that the WILL is alive within
It only requires your conscious say-so to awaken fully

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saying Hello From the Ground Level Cafe in Toronto

Connectivity is available at the GROUND LEVEL CAFE!
Checking in from the GROUND LEVEL CAFE in Toronto. I am a fortunate soul I must say. Totally by surprise I was offered a trip to Ottawa to visit a friend I have not seen since 1984 -- she has the sweetest children who arranged a surprise birthday party and sent me a ticket so I could be there as the "gift". How loving is that?
I decided to return to Vancouver via Toronto so I could visit my eldest daughter -- how could you travel clear across the country and not stop to visit?

And while in Toronto, how could you not arrange to meet with local members of the WAY-FINDER WEEKLY of CANADA group that you have been connecting with for the past year or so? What a fabulous opportunity!
So last night GRACE LAROZA, newly-published author of the novel, SIMON SAYS, and I met in the same neighbourhood as this cafe and we joyfully connected in person for the first time. I seized on the chance to conduct an interview of this up-an-coming new writer (she's already working on her second novel) while we did coffee! Grace is a fabulous example of one who persisted until she was successful in FINDING her WAY.

I have yet to meet with ROXANNE SPEARS who created the enterprise called, SDG CRAFTS on Eglington Avenue. I will also be conducting an in-store interview with Roxanne. I am very interested in how she claimed the courage to take that leap in faith that allowed her to make the decision that set her firmly on the path to FINDING her WAY to achieving her vision and dream. I am proud of both these young ladies who persisted gracefully until they had the prize in hand -- kudos to them both!

And last, but certainly not least, I have an invite from SWARN LATA, another local WAY-FINDER WEEKLY member who has offered to cook up some genuine Indian food for us to partake in together. Lata immigrated from India and persisted in her intention to create a music school which specializes in teaching the sitar -- an instrument that has always resonated with my soul -- the notes that are coaxed from its strings have always held a mystical quality for me. I look forward to the meal, and also to viewing the music studio/school she has created in the heart of Toronto. I hope that Lata will also grace me with an interview that describes the journey she has taken to FINDING her WAY.

Look for the interviews on this site in the very near future :)

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