Saturday, February 26, 2011

Email Sent To The Canadian Gals With Passion & Purpose Community

As a way of sharing the path I walk in creating the Serene Promotions (TM) enterprise, and the entities associated with it, I will post the steps I take in the development of my vision.

I joined the BraveHeart Women Global Community on Nov. 28th, 2010. Ellie Drake's social and business platform gives members an opportunity to create seperate communites within her community. Immediately I saw the potential of creating a Canadian Community. BUT, one must be a CORE member in order to create such communities. To join the site is free, but to become a CORE member it costs $27 per month, or $197 per year. Although I think it is worthwhile, I can't afford this right now. So I began to think of ways I could circumvent the requirement until such time that I can afford to become a CORE member -- which I most certainly intend to do ASAP.