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Serena Aubrey

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Seeker of Light

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Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend

Promoter of Education & Entrepreneurship

SERENE PROMOTIONS (TM) (the blog, the Facebook page and the enterprise), and the publication currently being developed called, WAY-FINDER WEEKLY (Copyright 2012), are my passions. I have spent the past four years searching, studying, learning, contemplating and writing. These entities are the result.

I first heard the terms critical mass and synchronicity in the book, The Celestine Prophecies (Redfield, 1993). At the time, a few freaky co-incidences stirred my curiosity (the most telling of which was a stranger approaching me and saying, "Some people look, other people SEE."), but I was still far too busy with the outer persona to pursue any kind of inner journey.

However, I am no longer able to ignore the many, many synchronistic occurences that nudge my soul.They are a call, and I am hearing it. Nowaday's they refer to critical mass as The Shift, and people who hear the call as Way-Seers.

However it is referred to, or thought of, does not really matter; but I do believe that the world is on the brink of a major event that will change life for all of us. Will it be cataclysmic? I don't believe it has to be. It could be, but in my soul I feel that we have an opportunity to avoid what could happen and replace it with what should happen!

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