Friday, May 6, 2011

Facebook - Leveling the Social Playing Field

By Serena Aubrey (Copyright, 2011)

I have some cousins on my dad's side that I have only met once in my life. And our lives have been far removed from one another. They grew up in California, while I spent my youth in the household of a dad with wanderlust.

The point is, I never really knew them. But with the advent of Facebook we have come to know one another over the past two years. It's been interesting and fun. I am settled now, living in Vancouver, BC, but I travel the world still, vicariously and voyeuristically through one of my cuzs' travel posts. She is a globetrotter suprema! London last week, a one-day stop at her home in Palm Springs, and Hawaii this week! She loads her posts with tons of pictures with captions that tell you all about what she sees and what she does (btw, I think that is called phlogging). I eagerly check in everyday to see what she's been up to. Her energy blows me out of the water!